Question: How To Get From Lima To Arequipa?

How do I get to Arequipa?

By far the easiest way to get to Arequipa is by plane, landing in Rodríguez Ballón airport (IATA: AQP), 8km from the city. Latam (formerly LAN Peru) [10] flies from Lima and Cuzco. Avianca (formerly Taca) [11], Peruvian Airlines [12] and LC Peru [13] fly from their hubs in Lima.

Is Arequipa worth visiting?

However, Colca Canyon aside, Arequipa is worth a visit in its own right. With tons of fantastic restaurants, bars and cafés, as well as several must-see attractions like Santa Catalina Monastery, Juanita and the Basilica Cathedral, you can easily fill several days of fun here.

How do I get from Ica to Arequipa?

The distance from Ica to Arequipa is 451 mi (726 km) and the travel takes about 11 hours on the highway. The main transportation companies that cover this route are Excluciva, Civa, Tepsa and Oltursa, whose services cost for this trip Ica – Arequipa from s/.

How many days do you need in Arequipa Peru?

Famous for its white-stone architecture, active volcanoes, and plunging canyon, Arequipa is a dream destination for history buffs and thrill seekers. Three days give you enough time to enjoy all of Arequipa’s main draws, which include its historic center and the Colca Canyon.

Is there Uber in Arequipa?

Arequipa: Get a ride. Travel. Explore. Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Arequipa. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

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What is Arequipa known for?

Arequipa is known for its stews and casseroles cooked over fire. Arequipeños are proud of their cuisine and also like it hot! The city is famous for its spicy food preferences and picanterias (spicy food places).

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