Often asked: How Far Is Huacachina From Lima?

How do I get from Lima to Huacachina?

There are no public buses going from Lima to Huacachina, usually the route is Lima to Ica and then taking a taxi to the Oasis. However, private buses such as hop-on, hop-off services go directly to Huacachina and which is safer and more convenient.

How do I get to Huacachina?

Getting To Huacachina Unless you have your own vehicle, the best way to get to Huacachina is by Peru Hop private bus since it is the only bus that goes to Huacachina directly from Lima and Cusco. Public buses go only as far as the neighbouring city Ica from where you would need to arrange a cab to Huacachina.

Is Huacachina safe?

Huacachina is generally a very safe place, but it’s important to be careful. Don’t flash valuables around, and keep them safely locked up. There have been instances of tourists being scammed by taxi drivers on the way to Huacachina from Ica.

How much is sandboarding in Huacachina?

Cost of Huacachina Sandboarding A tour will cost you around $19, which gives you two hours of sandboarding with an experienced guide.

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Is Huacachina worth visiting?

All in all, Huacachina is worth your time when you are backpacking around Peru. If you’re looking to party, go on a Pisco tour, take a wild ride on a dune buggy and sandboard down huge desert mountains, or relax near a lake, this unique town will certainly leave you with lasting memories.

Can you swim in Huacachina?

There are several activities to do around Lake Huacachina, which is surrounded by lots of hostels and restaurants. Besides sandboarding in the desert, you can also enjoy a swim or take a boat and navigate across the lake.

Why is Huacachina famous?

Being a natural oasis, Huacachina has been one of the favorite tourist destinations of Peruvians and foreigners for decades. In the 1960’s it was a famous summer resort. This resort boasted houses, hotels, a boardwalk around the lagoon and even a spa for treatments.

Is Huacachina man made?

Nestled in one of the driest locations on earth, is Huacachina; a town complete with trees, hotels, shops and even an oasis library – tranquil! The lake is naturally formed, but there is a legend that a young princess was bathing when she was discovered by a hunter and fled, leaving behind a pool of water.

How much is a taxi from Ica to Huacachina?

The quickest way to get from Ica to Huacachina is to taxi which costs $2 – $4 and takes 7 min.

Where is a real life desert oasis?

However, when we say the Peruvian village of Huacachina, is an oasis, we really mean it! Yup, it’s an actual village, snuggled between sand dunes in the arid Ica Region in the southwestern part of Peru. Home to only 115 people, it is known as the ‘oasis of America’ and a popular holiday spot for local families.

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How big is Huacachina?

The Huacachina sand dunes stands some 6,817 feet above sea level. Due to the gigantic dune’s mountain-like size and steepness, it’s best to bring a guide along to assist on hikes to the summit.

Is sandboarding difficult?

Sandboarding is not difficult if you have proper equipment and wax your board thoroughly. A good quality sandboard, sandboarding wax and dry environmental condition are essential for a smooth and fast ride.

What should I wear for sandboarding?

Sandboarding usually involves a lot of hiking and sweating in the sun so you will want to wear something comfy and moisture wicking that can be safely tied onto your board with some type of sandboard bindings.

How popular is sandboarding in Peru?

Sandboarding in Peru is very quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peru. Anyone looking for high-adrenaline action-packed fun is sure to make their way to Ica and Huacachina for this adventure.

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